4 Steps towards effective leadership for women

As times are changing, more women are being elevated into leadership roles. But there is a still lot of work to do in the business world to let women have more power. As women, they should be appreciated for the unique qualities and abilities they have and how can they use them for an upward trajectory in the business world.

Following are the steps women should take from some of the successful business female business leaders in order to get ahead and changing the status quo by embracing what makes the diverse perspectives unique. It will help women to overcome the doubt of reaching their full potential.

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Working outside the comfort zone:

According to the co-founder and chief marketing officer, Angie Hicks explains her biggest challenge was to leave the comfort zone and go out. She was quiet and shy and in starting a business, it requires you to socialize. Doing door-to-door sales was the last thing she could imagine herself doing. But that made her take advantage of the opportunities she would not have otherwise.

Be fearless:

One of the most important aspects that holds women back is the fear of being in a workplace and unable to balance the family life. It leads to lack of confidence which according to the CEO of Palo Alto Software, Sabrina Parsons, makes women to over-apologize. Sabrina thinks that women should not feel the need to apologize for who they are and the skills they have, they should demand a flexibility to excel in their jobs.

Believing firmly:

When it comes to business, there is never a guarantee that a decision would work out as expected. Risks that are taken can sometimes bring damage to the company but it does not mean that decisions should be feared. According to the founder and CEO of Mally Beauty, Mally Roncal, as women, you have to be realistic and should be willing to push yourself with a firm belief that it will work.

Stand your ground and demand equality:

According to Paula Stephenson, director of marketing at Smoke’s Poutinerie, if women want to be viewed as equal in the workplace, they must demand the respect they deserve. Once they act as if there is equality in the workplace and deserve the same respect, then there will be what they want.

Via: Business Insider

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