7 ways to transform your failures into success

Life is the most precious gift you can ever have but you feel like throwing it away when it becomes painful to go on living. The pain is usually caused by failure and no matter you are living a life well-lived, you will experience this pain. But the way you respond to your pain, is what makes or breaks your character.

But you can transform your failures into success with your flexibility and openness. These are few ways to transform your failures into success:

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1. Turn your pain into strength:

When you are able to honor your failures, the lessons learned make you stronger in your approach towards success. When you survive a great tragic something, you acquire the wisdom mentally and spiritually. This is the kind of wisdom that helps you transform the setbacks into something you can build a stronger foundation on.

2. Consider failure a part of the game:

By transforming failures into a game, you become less rigid and more flexible. You become more playful and are ready to experiences the setbacks and prepare yourself for the worse. When you consider yourself in a game, it gives you more courage which will open up and transform boundaries into horizons.

3. Focus on the process:

In order to speed up the progress, you need to focus on the process. Focusing on the process will help you to become successful in your pursuits. When you will focus on the system that will help you reach your goals, you will learn to deal with the problems and to come up with creative solutions to problems.

4. Transform setbacks into steppingstones:

Do not look at your failures as something you have lost. By separating it from the suffering, think of the failures as a ladder to climb up to something meaningful. The information you have gained through failing previously can be used to empower yourself. Learn from the mistakes and use better techniques to try again.

5. Respond with humor:

Failures make you feel bad but if you respond to them by crying, then they feel worse. So, turn the tables to failures and confront them with a good sense of humor. This will make the life easier. Instead of crying of what has been done and what went wrong, think of it as a mistake and move forward with your life with a smile on your face.

6. Don’t be emotional with success:

Attaining success is a long process and you should not emotionally get attached to it. Work hard to achieve the things you want in life but don’t let it make it your life miserable if you fail to succeed. Don’t seek success, if one thing does not work out move to the next and life a better life.

7. Turn failure into a passion:

When you suffer pain, it is hard to get back on track but it is not something impossible. Learn from the pain and rise up from it. The lessons will guide you in the robust of spirits and will help you transform your failures into a passion.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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