7 toxic beliefs that ruin your chances of growth and development in life

Have you ever believed what if all the water is toxic? If you truly believe it, deep down you will avoid all sources of water. But soon, you will die. That’s what you cannot do because all the water is not toxic, your belief is. All the beliefs are that way and most of the people get so comfortable in their beliefs that they make them feel safe. When you connect to a group of people who believe the same, you develop a herd-like evolutionary belief of safety in numbers. But being connected to such groups does not mean that your beliefs support your progress.

For a successful life, you need to let go of the beliefs that ruin your chances of growth and development. You need to change your toxic beliefs or you will never achieve your dreams. Following are the few beliefs that may be controlling your life in one way or another:

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I don’t deserve happiness and success:

This is the idea that you usually pick up from the people living around you. If as a child, you have been told that you don’t; deserve great things directly or indirectly, you won’t believe to deserve them as an adult too. This idea gets in your way to success and stops you to make any efforts for achieving your goals. Learn to value yourself and know your strengths. Spend time with positive people and you will see yourself worth every good thing in life.

I will be judged so I can’t be myself:

This is most commonly observed among a lot of people. You block your success just to fit into someone else’s idea of who you are. Even if you want to be yourself, you get scared of being judged by your parents, friends, and society. That when you limit yourself from reaching the full potential. You need to accept who you are and do not try to squeeze yourself in other people’s box.

I am afraid of the change:

That is also a limiting belief that makes you believe negatively about success. You think that once you achieve success, you will be a changed person, and that will not be liked. If you have this belief, you can naturally sabotage your own success. Don’t be afraid of the inner or outer changes and develop the ability to cope with them no matter what happens.

Other people will be envious:

Sometimes you do not make an effort to be successful because you think it will make other people envious of you. You get afraid of their hatred and jealousy or losing them as your loved ones. You need to understand who the people who actually love you are. Don’t be afraid of what others think and trust in the ones who become happy at your success.

Taking the greater share:

If you get a greater share of the pie, you believe you are taking something away from others. But in this world, there is plenty for everyone. People get as much as they make an effort for it. So, give whatever it takes with your hard work and dedication to let good things be a part of your life.

The fear of rejection:

Sometimes the fear of personal and professional rejection is so strong that it does not allow you to move forward. You develop negative beliefs about the pain related to rejection and just to avoid it, you don’t make an effort. But if you learn to love and accept yourself and everyone, that rejection is not something to be dreaded. It is something that will take you on a better path.

Seeing success as a struggle:

It is not always easy to see yourself as someone success because of the struggle that comes with it. You don’t imagine yourself as someone better because you think that the reward is not worth a try. Take smaller steps towards who you want to be and what you want to achieve. As you will work towards every step and will accomplish things, you will feel better and will look forward to achieving more.

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