4 Reasons why people feel depressed. Work on these points to get over it

Sometimes you feel depressed and don’t even know the reason. But depression is not only when it is critical, but there are different types of it and you actually fail to find any specific cause for it. This is the disease that strikes millions of people every year but most of the time it goes unnoticed. With the hectic ongoing schedule, you don’t even realize the things that leave you feeling depressed. But these are most of the causes that are within your reach and if you change them, you will not feel depressed again.

If you want to know why you feel depressed without any specific reason, then you must look at the list to know what is disturbing you:

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Lack of social connection:

Studies have shown that isolation is the major cause of depression among many people. This rate goes higher among older people because they spend most of their time at home. But with the recent advancement of technology, young people are also affected with this issue. As some people spend a lot of time along working on their computers, they seldom find time to socialize. When you are feeling depressed then you must notice how many social you have been previously. Make a list of people who are in your social circle and how often you have connected with them.

Living a meaningless life:

When you grow old, you need to find a purpose to look forward to your life. It is not necessary that you become a philosopher for that reason. But when you don’t have a meaning towards which you make all efforts, you can walk around feeling depressed in your everyday life. Take a step back to look at your life and see what makes you happy? Did you ever felt a purpose in your life and are currently living accordingly? You may not realize but you are blank when it comes to what you are living for, therefore, you stay depressed. If you cannot find a purpose on your own, take help of a friend or a coach so that you are guided towards the right path.

Suppressing your emotions:

When you don’t feel good about your emotions, you often suppress them. This leads to depression in the long-run because you force yourself to feel something which you actually don’t feel. It is not easy to deal with suppressed emotions but you can start by finding out what troubles you the most. If you are beating yourself up over stuff that is not even worse then it is the problem you stay depressed. Instead, if you give yourself the permission to feel these feelings then a lot of weight will be lifted off your shoulders. This will make you less stressed and with the help of a therapist, you can make it even better.

Not listening to inner feelings:

Your inner voice tells you your real feelings but a lot of people brush them off and don’t pay attention to it. It starts when you put too much pressure on yourself and blame yourself for the mistakes you committed. When you constantly do that, it turns into depression. It keeps you sad all the time and you become hard on yourself. If you start noticing yourself, you will see that the inner suppressed voice is the reason for making you feel depressed all the time. For overcoming this problem, start writing down everything that is going on in your mind and then read it. Would you speak to someone else like that if you have to? You need to listen to what your inner voice tells you and pay attention so that you can fix a problem that it points towards.

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