7 Things we must teach our children to build a better society

If children remain unaware of the proper values and behavior when they are young, problems arise for the whole society. These problems are not just linked to their own future; instead, these issues mushroom into serious consequences such as dropping out of school, drug use, violent crimes, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, the payoff of encouraging children’s character development is not limited to the child and the parents. The research has shown that children who grow up strong and have positive values are the greatest contribution to a society one can make. The most important thing you can do for your children is not by putting them in a modern school, but by helping them acquire values and skills that they can rely on throughout their lives. This will help them to have the best chance to live their lives not only as individuals but also, as citizens of their communities in their country.

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There are a few life lessons that you can teach your children today in order to help build a better society tomorrow:

Value honesty:

Although, many people don’t recognize while taking shortcuts to reach their goals no matter what kind they are. But it brings a bad influence on the children as they also think of getting what they want in any way. You need to tell your children that taking shortcuts in life does not make them a smart individual. The only way to achieve success in life is through being honest. They should never be afraid of taking a road filled with obstacles if it leads and to attain success through courage and strength.

Complete yourself first:

You should make them realize that there is no one who can make them feel complete. Every child has a value and they have to accept who they are. Before demanding love from someone else, your child must learn to love their own self.

Treating everyone with respect:

For creating a better society to live in you must teach your child to always treat everyone with respect. This respect should not just be limited to humans; they must respect animals and nature. Tell them that in life they might meet people who are not as decent as they are but that does not allow them to disrespect them at all.

Keep asking questions:

According to Einstein, the day you stop questioning that’s the day you die. So, tell your child to question everything and search for the answer until it satisfies them. A child should never stop learning new things and should not at all become comfortable with ignorance.

Don’t fear mistakes:

Mistakes are feared by children but tell your child to make mistakes. It the only way they will learn. A mistake does not mean failure rather it is a step leading them towards their goals in a different manner.

It’s okay to cry:

Teach your children to express emotions and it does not matter if they cry in doing so. Crying does not make you weak, it is a natural way to express your emotions. Tell them to stand up for themselves and embracing their emotions.

It’s okay to apologize:

Thank you, forgive me, and please are the words that should be a must in your child’s vocabulary. You should tell them there is no shame in apologizing when they are wrong. They must say thank you to someone for even the smallest favors they ask from anyone.

The world is filled with rude people and if you want to contribute to the society in a better way, teach your child to stay humble and loving. Make your child understand that discrimination among people on the basis of their religion, gender, income level, and race does not create social justice. A nation can survive and flourish only if the individuals have good character and have an underlying dedication to liberty and justice for all.

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