7 things successful people do in the morning

Successful people completely understand that mornings hold the key to taking control of their schedule. They use their mornings wisely and build habits that allow them to lead happier and more productive lives. This is the reason successful people get up early and give value to time. They use the few extra hours in the morning to contemplate before the day even begins for them. It helps them to accomplish things that are often impossible for them to take care later during the day.

Here is an insight to how successful people start their morning what they do first after they get up.

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They start with lemon water:

For boosting up the energy levels physically and mentally, successful people drink lemon water. They drink it empty stomach for better absorption and wait 15-30 minutes before taking the breakfast.


The time between drinking lemon water and eating breakfast is best utilized by successful people by doing exercise. Getting up before 6:00 a.m. does seem a bit crazy for Tim Cook, Richard Branson, and other successful people but this little extra effort helps them gain more energy and retain a positive outlook. It helps them improve on their self-control as well as energy levels throughout the day.


Before getting connected to their work, successful people completely disconnect. They do not wake up and dive into e-mails instead they disconnect from everything to relax which sets a calm and positive tone for their entire day.


A good breakfast is something that puts some people ahead of others. Successful people never give up on a healthy breakfast as it opens doors to a productive day for them. it not only gives energy but also helps to improve the short-term memory for concentrating more intensely.


This is something extremely popular among highly successful people mindfulness has proven to be helpful in fighting off stress, improving the ability to focus, increase emotional intelligence as well as boosts creativity.

They practice saying No:

Successful people practice to say “No” to things which help them save their precious mornings. It saves them from stress, depression, and burnout which they can experience otherwise.


The basic purpose of getting up early in the morning for successful people is to set goals for their entire day. They plan out their day as carefully as possible which increases their chances of accomplishing their goals.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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