7 Signs that you are exhausted and you desperately need a break

You sometimes feel that you are running on empty till you fall asleep trying to figure that out. Then again you are wide awake and tired but just cannot sleep. But our culture is one that is always on the go. People take pride in always being busy but sadly, all the rushing, and busyness slows you down more. Living in a sleep-deprived society, people don’t even bother to know that why they are feeling tired all the time. It is because signs of exhausted people are sneaky and hard to detect. The human body does not always show the state of exhaustion in the form of a physical appearance.

According to experts exhaustion impacts people more mentally and emotionally and following are the signs to be aware of it.

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It is hard to focus:

Emotional health is the first that gets affected by exhaustion and it shows when it becomes hard for you to focus on the tasks you want to complete. It is linked directly to your performance and to your behavior. When there is lack of sleep, your brain fails to retain the knowledge you acquire throughout the day and creates chemical imbalances in your body.

You forget main events:

When you are sleep deprived, your memory starts to become poor. You start to forget certain important things in your life that once you never dreamt of forgetting. You can forget birthdays and meetings even though you remind yourself after sometimes.

You become too tired to sleep:

Sometimes you become so tired that you cannot sleep and in this case, you become chronically sleep deprived. Certain hormone levels increase and your body remain in a constant state of arousal.

Your immune system suffers:

Lack of sleep affects your immune system and you become prone to even lightest diseases. It happens because your ability to produce good bacteria suffers and diarrhea, constipation, and general indigestion become a routine.

You gain weight:

When you are sleep deprived, you try to find comfort by consuming more food. You feel hungry more often and trade in Zzzs with the lbs. this is major sign that you need to get more sleep or you will end up gaining immense weight.

You become an emotional wreck:

Sleep deprivation can cause a meltdown even on tiniest things. Lack of sleep heightens feelings of depression and you start to freak out even over the smallest issues.

Your vision becomes blurred:

You can also experience a blurred vision at times when you are short on sleep. Exhaustion weakens you from inside and you fail to control even your eye muscles. This affects your ability to read up close, see from a distance and to remain focused.

The article originally appeared on Business Insider

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