5 ways to earn respect instantly

Respect is never given, it should always be earned. People who are in a lower position than you might respect you as a duty but there is a lot more to respect than that. If you want to earn respect as a leader, you will have to behave like one. You may have no control over people’s opinion but one thing that can make them respect you from the core of their heart is how you impact them with your behavior.

Following are the ways that you can earn the respect that you need to propel in your career.

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Active listening:

Most people do not pay attention when they are listening to others. When people feel they are heard but not understood, they fail to respect the person. Listening attentively is one thing that differentiates leaders from the rest of the people. As people feel they have been heard and understood completely, they tend to respect such people. This is the first step in earning more respect from the people around you.

Looking in the eyes:

When you focus on other people, it indicates that you are listening to them attentively. Therefore, keep a firm eye contact with the people you are talking to. Once you make them feel valued, they will definitely start to give you respect.

Allow others to voice their perspective:

Engaging in a conversation does not mean that you just speak about your own perspective and give your own opinion about a situation. You need to allow people to share their perspective with you and be open regarding their concerns.

Smile at people:

The biggest difference between a human and robot is that humans smile. Smile transfers a feeling of warmth and kindness which cannot be found otherwise. When you smile at people they feel comfortable talking and it develops a deeper connection. This is the connection that can make you respected in the eyes of other people without forcing them

Respect everyone:

One of the easiest ways to instantly earn respect is to treat everyone the same way. Whether it is a CEO or a janitor or a receptionist, respect everyone and not just a selective few. It will make you respectable in the eyes of everyone you meet.

Via: Forbes

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