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Freelancing is on a rise after COVID-19. People have been laid off from their full-time jobs and those who have recently graduated from college or university are finding it hard to get a job. In such circumstances, freelancing is one good way of providing different services on different freelance marketplaces and making money.

I started freelancing in 1999 and ever since I have been self-employed and never felt a need to apply for a full-time job. I have people who work for me in my company providing different services such as Graphic Designing, Web Development, etc.

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You probably have heard of this famous “7 Rangi Formula“. It is a bidding example, if followed intelligently could fetch your client’s response and their business.

Here is a complete formula that could help you win your next freelance project. The 7 points (the organization of a proposal) are actually called the “7 Rangi Formula”.

The Amazing Freelance Bidding Formula:

1– Greetings——————

For example, Hello Sham,——————–

2– Restating Employer Project———————

I understand you are looking for supplements/dietary/vitamin logo design. I also understand that you have an in house graphic designer so you expect top quality logo design from the selected freelancer.———————

3– Introduce yourself———————

I own a small design agency and have been doing creative designing for US businesses since 1999. My profile here on (marketplace website name) speaks volumes about my service and commitment to my clients.———————-

4– What can ‘I’ do for the employer?———————-

I can create a state of art, eye catchy logo design within 3 business days. I offer unlimited revisions, rest assured you will get all source code that is editable, and printable. I will also provide unlimited revisions of the logo till you are 100% satisfied.———————

5– Portfolio——————-

You can watch my diversified portfolio at (Link)

6– Free Mockup/Question——————-

I would like to offer you a FREE mockup design of your logo so you can see my design ability. Are you interested?

I have a question. What is your preferred color choice?——————-

7– Bid Closing——————-

Looking forward to your response and doing business with you.

Watch the video:

The importance of having your own website:

As a freelancer, I would highly recommend getting your personal website. The importance of owning a website can not be ignored. You can advertise the site on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube to get high-paying clients who are willing to pay top dollar for your services.

The foundation of a website must be strong. A fast-loading website ranks higher for business-related keywords on Google. For this, you need a good web host. Your hosting partner needs to be reliable, up 99.9% and needs to offer 24/7 chat support.

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I hope you understand how the freelancing bidding is done and what needs to be written when you are responding to a project placement. If you are looking for a freelancing course in Pakistan, Hisham Sarwar’s youtube playlist has over 170 videos to help you learn.

If this blog post and video help you, I would love to hear back from you in the comments section. If you want to ask me a question. Go to Twitter, use the Hashtag #hishamsarwar and ask me your question. I personally reply to everyone there.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)