7 Habits that lead to unhappiness

There are times when you feel unhappy for no reason. But when unhappiness seems to fill your life, it means it has a lot to do with your habits. It is because there are actually some bad habits that make you unhappy in your life. Feeling underappreciated at times or just plain sad means that your habits are responsible for making you blue.

Following are the few bad habits that lead to unhappiness than any other thing or people but once you become aware of them, these traps can easily be avoided:

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Repressing your feelings:

By not expressing your feelings you can easily experience frustration and anxiety. You need to honor your feelings and allow yourself to experience the catharsis that comes from embracing them for what they are. When you express your feelings in a manner that does not hinder your ability to reach your goals, then you can become actually lead a happy and satisfied life.

Too much use of technology:

It is common among people to binge watch a TV show now and then or get lost on the social media platforms. But the more time you spend watching TV, playing video games on your computer; on your phone etc. the more you become dissatisfied. It makes you feel numb and this constant source of distraction takes you in a trap where it’s hard to come out.

Acquiring too much:

It has been proved that people who live with lesser means experience immense happiness when their finances improve. But this drops off quickly above $20,000 in annual income. It is because the material things don’t make you happy and when you make a habit of chasing things, you become unhappy.

Thinking about the future:

When you link your happiness to things you want to achieve or certain events, it makes you unhappy. It is because when you spend time thinking about future, you don’t focus on being happy in the present. It makes you sad not to have anything at hand and just your thoughts. There is no guarantee for the future; therefore, don’t waste your time in thinking what will happen.

Not accepting the changes:

Changes occur in the life of every individual but those who do not accept them, lead an unhappy life. Prepare yourself for change by thinking through the consequences of potential changes so you are not caught off guard if they appear.

Jealousy and envy:

Constantly comparing yourself with others makes you jealous and creates unhappiness in your life. Don’t think anything negative about people who have more than you have. Just remember you will have your share of the pie in one way or another so there is no need to envy them.

Staying at home:

When you avoid meeting other people, you become unhappy. If you don’t even like socializing, it can have a great effect on your mood. Whenever you are feeling sad, just go out and talk to your friends. Force yourself to go out and mingle, it will lead to happiness in your life.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

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