6 ways to look confident when feeling insecure

Either you step on the stage to give a presentation or entered for a job interview, feeling insecure can distract the message you want to give to your audience. Feeling confused in front of the people force them not to take you seriously. A little insecurity and self-doubt in high-stake situations can lead you to failure. But you don’t have to let these nagging thoughts and uncomfortable situations sabotage your best efforts.

Therefore, channel all these emotions in a healthy way and you will start believing in yourself immediately. Following are the ways to feel confident when you are not:

Pay attention to your dressing:

You may not give it much thought but your clothes play an important role in making you feel confident. Dressing has a direct link to your personality. It makes you actions confident when you are dressed well. Therefore, pay attention to how you dress up and start improving it.

Stand tall:

Power poses are backed by science and practicing them can change your life. It tricks your brain into believing that you are confident when you actually not. Try to practice a “Superman” or “Wonder women” pose for at least two minutes every day.

Not avoiding eye contact:

When it comes to speaking in public, avoiding eye can make you uncomfortable. Also, it can force the audience to pay attention on your image rather than your message. So look at the audience or the person whom you are talking in the eye. It will make you appear more confident.

Speak slowly:

When you speak fast, it becomes impossible for others to understand. It also makes people realize your nervousness. The way you speak makes people judge you therefore speak slowly and pronounce your words clearly. Speaking clearly will boost your appearance and people will become interested in your message.

Think of staying confident in the past:

Once you start feeling nervous, remember the moments you showed confidence in the past. Remember how you accomplished even the smallest goals by believing in your abilities. That will help a lot to manage your current situation.

Use powerful words for yourself:

It’s not all about the message you want to deliver, words also have a great impact when you speak to yourself. Use this powerful tool to boost your confidence and appear confident in a difficult situation.