Here is how innocently you can make people hate you

Nowadays it seems like everyone is just waiting for an excuse to hate you. Your clothes, your ugly hair, and any dumb thing you do when you laugh, all seem like something obvious to make people dislike you. Most of these do not even require much effort and can easily put people off. But most of these problems are based on common sense and you can perfectly avoid these terrible errors.

Following are the traits and behaviors that you need to be aware of:

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An extremely close profile picture:

When you upload a photo that is extremely close, it feels like your face has been extremely smashed up against the camera. According to experts, such faces are considered less trust worthy and attractive as compared to the faces that have been captured from far away.

Hiding real feelings:

Hiding real emotions in front of others and bottling up inside makes you less likable. Emotions are part of every human being and to stop you from expressing them can bring stress which can later on lead to anxiety.

Being too nice:

Although people are often asked to be act nicely but research has proved that being too nice can make people dislike you. Being too nice is considered a weakness and it sometimes backfires on you. It is because people who are too kind to others no matter what, their kindness is often rooted in an unhealthy desire.

Not smiling at all:

When people meet others, a smile is the most important thing that attracts them. Smiling when you first meet someone ensures that you will be remembered later on. It may seem hard to once you start smiling at other people, you will immediately be liked more. But just keeping a blank face can make people dislike you for not specific reason.

Including smiling emoji in an email:

There is no doubt smiling in person can have a good impact. But once you start adding smiling emoji in a virtual conversation, you are perceived less competent. It can make you seem less warm as compared to meeting in person.

Not expressing your fondness:

Researchers have proved that when you do not express liking the person you are meeting, you are not liked by them as well. When you do not greet them warmly and do not talk to them by giving them attention, you probably turn them away from you.

Via: Business Insider

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