6 ways to avoid sabotaging your career and move positively towards your dreams

In the workplace today, there are more ways to damage your career than ever before. Unless you set boundaries to communicate and make sure to respect those boundaries, anything can sully even an impeccable reputation of yours. For striving towards your goals and reaching for your dreams, you need to start doing the following:

Be honest with yourself:

In order to prevent yourself from sabotaging your career, it is essential that you do a thorough assessment of yourself and become brutally honest. Look at your strengths and weaknesses as clearly as possible and understand what works best for you for reaching your goals.

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Stick to a schedule:

You fail to achieve your goals because you don’t commit to a strict schedule. Set a schedule that you can commit to and it will evaluate whether you are consistently working towards your goals. When you follow a strict schedule, it helps you translate bog goals into concrete and actionable steps.

Avoid procrastination:

When you have bigger goals, you focus on the end result. It makes you procrastinate throughout the journey. Therefore, hold yourself accountable by setting micro goals. When you divide larger tasks into the smallest possible tasks and include each of these into your daily schedule, it prevents you from procrastinating.

Get the help of an accountability partner:

In order to reach your goals, you need to get the help of an accountability partner. When there is someone who makes you answerable if you fail to follow through your plans, you make sure to do the things right. If you can’t find an accountability partner, find a friend of a family member whom you can trust and tell your plans to them.

Know the reason for accomplishing your goals:

Unless you know how accomplishing a goal will improve your life or the lives of other people, you won’t have the motivation to achieve what you desire. Know why you want to achieve your goals by building a positive mindset and reinforce why it is important for you.

Celebrate little accomplishments:

No matter how small the accomplishment is, you must celebrate it. It is because each win builds up your confidence and help you mark the moment in your mind. On a weekly basis, write down the successes and put the list where you can see it every day. Keep adding even your smallest accomplishments and see how far you have come from the day you had started.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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