WhatsApp is banning some users and has issued a serious warning


WhatsApp has temporarily banned some users worldwide from using the app. These users have also been warned that their entire chat histories can be deleted.

WhatsApp has issued a new FAQ section on WhatsApp’s official website.

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The new information provided in the section states that a user’s account will be temporarily banned in case they use an unsupported/unofficial version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp version. The idea is to raise awareness among the users about the unofficial versions of WhatsApp that could potentially steal all users data and chats such as WhatsApp Gold and few others.

All users are advised to immediately download the official version of WhatsApp in order to continue using the app. The FAQ on the website also suggests saving their chat history before they download the official WhatsApp app.

The steps of how to do it are clearly explained in the app’s FAQ section in detail.

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