6 ways science suggests we could be little happier

Every day you chose what you will eat for breakfast, what clothes you will wear, and whom to talk to. But what most of you forget is that you get to choose how you want to feel. You can either become hostage by the circumstances or you can choose to be free. According to experts, it is you who can choose to be offended by others or decide not to take things personally. These things should not determine your happiness. It is you who need to decide what things can make you happy and even people. It is no doubt always a struggle but if you want to be happy, you need to create a routine that you can stick to.

Following are the simple ways that you can use to keep yourself calm and happy:

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  • Creating a schedule:

Clutter in your life can make it a mess, therefore, create a structured schedule that you can set and follow. Creating a routine kills two birds with one stone which means that a structured schedule not only streamlines your life but also is therapeutic for depression.

  • Social connection:

One of the major elements in keeping your happy is your social interaction with people. Meeting new people is the best therapy you can practice for improving you mental health. The sense of community adds up to your happiness as well as overall mental health. But when you isolate, you become close friends with depression and anxiety and feel comfortable in spinning in the vicious cycle. Therefore, if you want to stay happy interact with people and always make good social relationships.

  • Write it out:

When you are depressed, you feel the same thoughts circling in your mind over and over again. This develops in the form of a cycle which is heard to break from. What you need to do actually is to direct these thoughts outwards by either talking to people or write it out on a paper. Once you write it out, read it and it will help you better understand what you are going through and will help you a lot in making better decisions.

  • Direct your time towards meaningful activities:

What you do every day matters a lot but why you do it matters even more. So stop doing what you are able to do, instead, figure out what you want to actually do and become better at it. No matter how short time you get for doing that one thing, just make that time most meaningful for you. This is something that will bring inner happiness.

  • Let go of the heavy burden:

One of the things that keep you depressed is that you mind carries heavy burden from the past. It does not allow you to experience new feelings. So, let go of it and start being present. Start living in you present and make it worth living.

  • Start giving:

Expectations from people often make you disappointed in your life. If you expect from people to do the same for you as you do for them, you will end up with disappointment and nothing else. Therefore, start giving other without expecting from them. Smile at someone and give them hope, share a bit of knowledge and it will be a lot for another. Generosity works wonder behind the scene so be generous and don’t expect any rewards.


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