5 Losers who became winners because they believed in themselves

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When you mess up things and have an epic fail, it feels like the world is ending and your career path is kaput. But you are not the first person to encounter failure, in fact, some of the most successful, influential, and inspiring people in the world encountered some pretty major failures. You can get over your own shortcomings by taking a look at the failures and tough times of these people and learn from it.

Failure is a part of the process and to be successful, you must learn to make it a tool as opposed to a roadblock. Failures hurt the same way to everyone but it is how you respond to them that makes a difference.

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  • Stephen King:

The American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy, Stephen King has been described as the king of horror. For his story of “Carrie” that was about a tormented girl with telekinetic powers, got rejected 30 times. This made him so frustrated that he threw his book in the trash never to get it published. But then with the advice of his wife, he stick with the story he wrote and got it published which became a classic in the horror industry. From this story, King grossed over 100 million dollars and sold over 50,000 copies of Carrie.

  • Soichiro Honda:

Well known and highly regarded auto mechanic in Tokyo, Soichiro Honda began his career as a bicycle mechanic. For changing the evolution of the automobile, Soichiro created a technology that was shot down by several auto makers. But he went on to start we now know as the Honda Motor Company and exceeded revenues over 100 billion annually.

  • Vincent Van Gogh:

Vincent Van Gogh became a painter by drawing his inner feelings that were based on his broken relationships and trying to build life at many places. He was considered mentally ill until his paintings caught the eyes of the French critic Albert Aurier. The Portrait of Dr.Gachet was sold as one of his most expensive paintings at 82.5 million in 1980.

  • Abraham Lincoln:

With family forced out of their home, Abraham Lincoln had to work to support them at an early age. Being unable to go to law school and bankrupted before even being establish a decent business, Abraham Lincoln is a true definition of gritty and determined. He ran for the congress and lost. He looked for a job of a land officer but got rejected. Then he stood for the Vice-Presidential nomination and got less than 100 votes. With so much failure, it is hard to believe to how we know him as today.

  • JK Rowling:

Starting to live on state benefits to having a multi-millionaire status, JK Rowling is known for her work called Harry Potter. After submitted to be published at twelve publishing houses, and got rejected by all. But now she is among the United Kingdom’s best-selling living author.

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