6 Surprising benefits of taking naps

Sleep is an important part of our daily routine and we spend about one-third of our time doing it. but just getting sleep is not enough, it is more about getting enough of it at the right times. Sleep is essential just like food and water and without it we cannot maintain the pathways in our brain that allow us to learn and create memories. We can benefit a lot from sleep only if we get it at the right time and the best way is to take small naps during the day.

There are so many benefits to take naps that it is hard to excuse ourselves form it. Following are the ways a nap can benefit our health:

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Increase patience level:

According to researchers, people who take nap have more patience level that the rest. By reducing the stress levels, small duration of naps help us to have more patience when dealing with a tough situation. Naps give us the energy to understand what is going on around us and make better decisions.

Increases alertness:

Napping is also a great way to increase alertness. According to the results of a study that pilots were found to be more alert after taking a nap for forty minutes and even were found to be more alert just after 10 minutes.

Lowers blood pressure:

Throughout the day, the routine becomes really hectic. The rising stress levels increase blood pressure which if not controlled can lead to severe issues. But if we take a nap during the day, it can reduce blood pressure even before we get into deep sleep.

Increase memory:

When we have enough amount of sleep, it becomes possible for our brain to remember most of the things. By taking small naps in between our working day we can easily improve our memory. Better memory helps us to perform better in our daily activity.

Improves creativity:

According to researchers, people who take naps are found to be more creative. Their enough amount of sleep helps their brain to relax and think more clearly and deeply about different topics. It results in awakening of their more creative side of the brain.

Prevent heart diseases:

According to The Washington post, people who take naps are less likely to die of heart disease. Napping helps deal with daily stress and build a normal biological rhythm. This rhythm helps people to sleep and wake up at their biologically fixed timings without the  need of an alarm clock.

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