6 Rules to a happier, healthier life

You will never find something who will say that they want to live a miserable life. It is just not something anyone would wish for. People want to be happy and live a meaningful life. But all their life, they fail to the secret to living a happy life. They think there are some very hard rules that they need to adapt to living a happier life.

But living a happier and healthier life comes down to life’s beautiful truths people often forget. If you are ready to make positive changes in your life then following are broader strategies that can be applied to everyone.

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Remember rainbow:

The rainbow after a heavy rain shows the bright side of life. You can stay happy and healthy by paying attention to the food you consume. Nature has provided fruits and vegetables in a wide range of colors. The intense colors in them indicate they have active substances that protect plants from viruses and bacteria. Once you start consuming these fruits and vegetables, you will remarkable effects on your health.

Remember your childhood:

Memories of childhood fade as you grow up. The shell you create around you and stop yourself from being silly like kids, stop you from living your full potential. If you want to be happy, then consider yourself a kid. You cannot achieve happiness by getting under control of a specially designed workout or following the guidelines of a personal trainer. Instead, do all the physical activity that you would do as a kid. Running for longer hours won’t help as it would be beneficial to workout with intervals.

Be around people you love:

Only food cannot make your immune system strong, you need to be around the people you love to feel alive. It is necessary for you to talk, laugh, play, and listen to the people who are of importance in your life. Do not depend on the digital connections instead make an effort to spend time by meeting them personally.

Be wise in doing grocery:

In order to stay happy, your heart needs to be strong. You can add food in your diet that can make its stronger. When you go for grocery shopping, look more for dark leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, avocadoes, blueberries, eggs, and walnuts. These are more nutritious and provide calorie for calories than other foods.

Kick off your shoes:

You may never pay importance to your feet that keep you moving all the time. But relaxing them can improve health of your entire body starting from your mind. When you walk bare foot on grass, it exposes you to unfamiliar microbes and boost your immune system. It charges your mind and body by providing you electrons from the earth. This brings calming and healing benefits to your body.

Look up at the sky:

Today’s continuous digital spins have made people’s necks bending downwards on their phones and tablets. This has seriously messed up the nourishment of normal human brains. Take time out to break free from the digital monsters and see the sky, look at the people around you, lift your head and be part of the environment you are in. It will make you feel alive again.

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