6 Signs of emotional intelligence

In our daily life, emotional intelligence plays an important role and without it, you can be categorized as imperfect individuals. Emotional intelligence is important is about individuals, it teaches us to work with people who have different behaviors and attitudes. A person with well-developed emotional intelligence is working and decision-making and is capable to manage the stress that arises in goal setting. Emotional intelligence is critical to success and accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs.

Research shows that effective emotional intelligence skills create positive benefits. The understanding and effective application of EI is effective in creating self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, empathy, and social skills. Following are the behaviors that indicate you are highly emotionally intelligent:

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You resist becoming a slave to your emotions:

When you have high level of emotional intelligence, it helps you not to become a slave to your emotions. It helps you to focus on your thoughts and so that you can live in harmony. It helps you to strive for achieving your goals by keeping your values.

You learn from criticism:

Criticism is not appreciated by most people but high emotional intelligence can make you take it as a learning experience. Even if the criticism is not delivered to you in a decent manner, you take it as how other people think of you and work on how to make that thing better.

You do not hand on to resentment:

Resentment is something that stops you from moving forwards with life. But having high level of emotional intelligence helps you to forgive and forget with what happened and look towards the positive aspects of life.

You show empathy:

That is the biggest demonstration of your high level of emotional intelligence that you understand the thoughts and feelings of others. Being emotionally intelligent allows you to see life from the eyes of other people and avoid judging or criticizing them in the wrong manner.

You appreciate good things:

Acknowledgement and appreciation is liked by all humans and you know how to do that properly. High levels of emotional intelligence allow you to see the good in others and you build trust by appreciating them.

You keep your promises:

It is common for everyone not to keep promises and commitments. But the high levels of emotional intelligence refrains you from breaking the promises that you have made. When you fulfill your promises, you become highly respectable and reliable among people.

Via: Business Insider

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