7 Ways Of Finding Motivation

hisham sarwar

If motivation was easy, everyone in the world would have been successful. Everyone would have been able to achieve their goals on a daily basis and there would have been no issues of procrastination. But when we roll back to reality, we realize that motivation is not very easy to find. Motivation is one of the major concepts in psychology and a fundamental part of our efforts.

Motivation is the driving force that pushes us to take action and pursue goals. But sometimes, it is hard to find and when we lack motivation, it is a frustrating situation. We fail to gather enough strength to work on something that we actually need to do. It may not be easy, but the following are simple ways with which we can get ourselves back on the right track:

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Here is what I think works best to get motivated.

Power of music:

A good way to get motivation is through listening to your favorite music. To many of us, listening to music while doing work is not distracting. In fact, music is a powerful way to feel get motivated from inside. Just listen to the music you think can impact your mind in a good.

Find inspiration quotes:

Sometimes in life, we need to hear inspiring quotes from people who have been successful. It is because the stress in our life drags us down and we feel better when we get a little positive reinforcement.

Work on a to-do list:

Sometimes the work in life makes us feel overwhelmed. The best way to calm ourselves down is by writing a simple to-do list. It helps us to feel organized and will allow us to keep checking off items from the list as we complete them one-by-one.

Make a reminder-list:

A reminder list does not require us to just write down our goals, it makes us write down the tasks and why we need to do them. In this way, when we look at for the next item to complete we feel motivated for it because of the reason behind it.

Help others:

Researchers have proved that motivation is plentiful when we are serving others. Helping others in the form of working at a homeless shelter for few hours or volunteering at an old home can give us a lot of motivation to do more of the good stuff.

Valuing the feelings:

There are many times, when we do not acknowledge our own feelings. But in reality, our feelings need to be heard and acknowledged. Denying our feelings is unhealthy, therefore, we should always free few minutes from our time for ourselves. It helps us to overcome the negative feelings and feel better about ourselves.

Watch an inspiring program or a movie:

Stories and characters are always full of motivation. The best way to feel more motivated is to watch programs that inspire us the most or watch movies that can take our motivation levels high.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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