6 Movies that can expand your mind – awaken the inner parts of your brain

During watching a Batman movie, a scene appears where there is a mass shooting going on and turns out, that a killer owned a Batman mask and claimed himself the Joker. By now you may have started thinking about the conclusion that this movie somehow triggered the massacre. Seeing the part of the movie can gives you your brain a knee-jerk reaction. Some people might think that it has nothing to influence your mind and anyone can easily separate fact from fiction.

But some movies are made to touch your mind and they actually help to get your mental clogs working. By watching those movies, you awaken the inner parts of your brain and it helps expand your consciousness even more.

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Following are the few movies that can push you into seeing your life and existence in a completely different manner:

Waking Life:

By: Richard Linklater

This movie provides the audience to question themselves how to distinguish between dream and reality. It forces them to think what dreams actually are. This movie is a revolutionary breakthrough in film animation. It portrays a surreal existence that is filled with limitless ideas.


By: Ron Fricke

In 2011, Ron Fricke made this little documentary film with a title in Sanskrit word meaning the loop of continuous life. In literally, it means continuous flow that describes the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth along with themes and terms that have been shown in the movie.

Uncle Boonmee Who Recall His Past Lives

By: Apichatpong Weerasethakul

This was a Thai movie made in 2-10 and won the Palme d’Or. This movie shows a titular character named as Uncle Boonmee who is dying. But during the course of his last days, he goes out on a journey to explore the lives he lived in the. This movie is focused on a specific area in Thailand and deals with matters of memory, transformation, reincarnation, and the nature of things that face death.

Under the Skin:

By: Jonathan Glazer

This film has been recently released and shows off the best performance of the actress Scarlet Johanson. Scarlet is shown as an alien who assumes a human form. This movie will leave you stunned and you will try to comprehend and interpret what you have seen.

Enter The Void:

By: Gaspar Noe

The producer of the movie has used bold, colorful neon lights and the first-person perspective really messes up the viewer’s perception. When the leading character in the movie dies, the story goes even tripper and you see his out-of-body journey through his eyes.


By: Andrei Tarkovsky

Through this film, Tarkovsky has shown the pinnacle of through-provoking as well as reflective film-making. The producer has aimed to alter the perception of the viewers and showed just how relative everything is to that perception.

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