After years of effort to find ways to wake up early, following are the few that helped me out

It seems that all successful people make it a habit of waking up early. For years, I wanted to be one of them but whenever my alarm clock would go off; all the intentions of waking up early couldn’t pull me out of bed. But I understood the benefits of waking up early and made plans to wake up early and write and do my work.

After years of effort to find ways to wake up early, following are the few that helped me out:

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Initial steps:

Getting out of the bed is the toughest. For this reason, place your alarm away from you. So that when the alarm rings, you have to get up to turn it off. Also, you set another alarm across the room for a later time in case you miss the first alarm.

Wake your brain up:

In order to wake your brain up, read about people who are early risers, remind yourself of the importance of writing every day, and listen to podcasts related to waking up early. Find inspiration on how and why to wake up early.

Get excited about your day:

For jumping out of bed, you must be excited to get up every day. Make getting up early something you enjoy such as playing games or indulging in some leisure reading. Think of the benefits that others will receive from your work and also keep a track of your progress.

Take the responsibility:

For getting into the habit of waking up early, recruit a friend so that you are held accountable whenever you skip the alarm. Text or call your friend whenever you wake up and for that reason, you can also join some online group to stay on your track.

Get enough sleep:

It may be obvious, but getting enough sleep can help you get up early. Make sure to get a reasonable amount of sleep every night and pay attention to your diet and exercise as well.

Stop from snoozing:

Stop yourself from hitting the snooze button because it will just waste your time. Don’t ignore the alarm bell because once you do that, your mind becomes used to the alarm bells and you tend to ignore it.

Keep a strict waking up schedule:

It is important to stick to your wake up time and keep a regulated sleep pattern. As you get more good sleep, your body actually starts the process of waking up early.

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