6 Mistakes not to make in the New Year

Making mistakes is often considered as good because they make you learn new things, try new things, live and push yourself, change yourself, and help change the world. But there are some mistakes that make you freeze in your tracks. These are the mistakes that make you unsuccessful for the rest of your life and have not much to do with learning either. As the New Year is approaching, you must start off on the right foot. With a good strategy and mindset, you will be able to achieve a lot by avoiding few things.

Following are the few mistakes that people make in the New Year:

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Not reviewing your accomplishments:

It is common for large companies to reflect on their performance of the previous year to implement strategies that can work better in the New Year. But as individuals, people do not give it much importance. Every year you achieve something and take this time to think back about your accomplishments. This will encourage you more for the coming year.

Not setting-up goals:

This is the mistake that is made by almost everyone. People do not think about their short-term or long-term goals for the New Year. This mistake can be a setback to your path forward.

Ignoring the holiday time:

When people drag their work for the holidays, they spoil their free time and remain unable to complete their work. This is something that makes them unsuccessful in enjoying their life completely. Therefore, spend extra time to complete your work and remain stress free in the holidays.

Staying connected all the time:

With the digital advances it is hard to disconnect from your work. The best way is to avoid checking your emails and phone and enjoy your break.

Not maintaining relationships:

Maintaining relationship either its personal or professional is very important in life. The biggest mistake people make and which makes them unsuccessful is that they fail to cultivate their connections properly. Holidays are the best time to connect with contacts you have not been in touch for long. Don’t miss sending greetings for New Year to everyone.

Not showing gratitude:

This is something that mostly gets ignored. People always forget to show gratitude. When you don’t appreciate the favors of people then you are not remembered as well. Develop the habit of thanking people who helped you to reach your goals.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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