6 Laws of mindfulness that will change the way you live your life

As the research studies have found mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, prevent and treat depression, helps with focus and improves memory along with benefiting the functioning of our immune system, the practice seems to have now entered the mainstream. Mindfulness is all about living in the present moment but this is something most people fail to understand.

Following are the laws that can help us to understand mindfulness on a greater level.

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Living in the moment:

The only thing that is happening to us is the present. Past is an illusion and living in it causes depression. We become anxious if we live just for future. The only thing that can bring inner peace is living in the present and enjoying it.

Believing negative thoughts:

It is natural to think and any kind of thoughts can strike our mind. They can be negative or positive. Important thing is to realize that we do not believe in the negative thoughts seriously.

You will be punished by your anger:

Getting angry is easy but the actual courage involves doing something productive about it. Once we realize that present moment is all what you have, we understand life is too short to stay angry at things we cannot control.

Be honest:

We need to believe in things using our own common sense and understanding. We cannot believe in things that other people characterize as true. We can avoid getting fooled by the opinions of others if we truly believe in our actions.

The right path isn’t always full of roses:

The purpose of our life is to work towards the truth. We need to struggle hard if we want to grow and achieve the goals in life. Things in the world that are worth having require effort; there is no easy path for achieving your dreams.

Learn to let go:

There is no such thing as control and the sooner we understand it, the better. When we think too much that how we should be then it creates tension. Learning to accept who we are is something that brings relaxation and comfort in our life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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