6 key habits for becoming a leader


An important title or post do not make a person a true leader. There are some people who spend their lives as managers of a company or an organization, but they fail to realize their true potential for leadership. Just be being on a post of a manager, they may be good at operating a program or controlling an organization. Only a true leader will unlock the potential of an organization and will take it towards success. True leaders are not born but they adopt some behaviors that distinguish them from the rest. They make people feel important, stay attentive to the voices, concerns, and actions of others around them.

Leadership behavior can be adopted by doing the following:

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Establish your credibility:

Earn people’s trust and respect by consistently making decisions that benefits others. Your decisions should have a good impact on the people who you work with and for the organization as well.

Prefer informal authority:

Formal titles and posts do give a good impression but in actual these are shallow sources of authority trust and admiration is achieved by helping people and solving issues with sincerity, passion, and vision.

Communicate with everyone:

For being a true leader you need to win people’s hearts. Talk to people on each level and share your hopes for the organization to make them feel important and needed.

Apply the golden rule in life:

Everyone wants to be treated with respect and kindness. People do not remember the words you speak, they remember you for the way you treat them. Be kind to everyone and give respect for what they do for the company or the organization.

Deliver on your promises:

Making promises is easy but delivering on them is the real effort. Do not make commitments that you cannot fulfill. If it takes time to fulfill your promises, explain to the people the reasons behind it.

Be seen:

Just communicating through emails and texts make you invisible. Therefore take time out and break free from the desk-bound responsibilities and connect to people. You will get the best from your colleagues and employees’ hen they will see you more often.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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