5 Mindful attitudes to cope with anxiety

Most of the people are unable to recognize what is anxiety instead they keep on wondering that there is something wrong with them. Sometimes anxiety is clearly shown with stomach aches, increased heart rate, shortness of breath etc. But most people are so preoccupied with their own thoughts that they fail to understand and manage their anxiety issues.

There are so many ways to cure anxiety that does not involve any medication. Following are the few mind full attitudes that you can adapt to work with anxiety and experience some tranquility in your life.

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Beginner’s mind:

According to experts if your mind is empty then it opens up for anything. In the beginners’ mind there are so many possibilities where as an expert’s mind has few. So instead of approaching something from preconceived notions, you need to see things from a completely new perspective. This attitude will give you the ability to learn something new and will also help you to reduce anxiety as there will be no negative set ideas regarding a situation.


Things are automatically judged by the brain as good and bad. It happens quickly and the real perspective on those things but the mind full tactic brings awareness to the situation. When you don’t judge, you take a step back and watch how the mind works. This process makes you aware of the working of the brain that automatically judge things and give you some perspective.


This is similar to the attitude of acceptance and gives you the ability to take an experience without making an effort to control or change it. This makes you accept the phases of anxiety without wanting it to be different or run away from it.

Nothing is permanent:

If you can understand that nothing in the world remain the same, then your thoughts will change no matter how worse your anxiety gets. There is no such thing as permanent and the only thing that remains constant is the change itself.

Don’t take your thoughts too seriously:

You need to understand that your brain is simply a tool that automatically judges, paint things as good and bad, and come up with some unusual outcomes. You don’t have to believe everything it brings up instead you have to learn to become an impartial observer so that you can have liberty from reactive and conditioned ways of thinking.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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