6 Habits that make us unhappy

Happiness is a choice for an average person but still many of us stay unhappy. There are so many reasons for staying unhappy but we chose it over happiness because it requires less effort. Instead of seeking happiness, we find it easy to refuse to accept change, lazily follow the path of least resistance etc. when we make these poor choices, negative attitudes accompany them and make up our mind for accepting unhappiness.

But according to studies, the product of our habits and outlook in life is what makes us happy or unhappy. When we are unhappy, it becomes difficult for others to be around us. Not only it drives people away but holds us back from achieving everything that we are capable of.

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Following are few of the habits that lead to unhappiness

1. Future plans:

The easiest habit to fall into is when we link our happiness to our future plans. It keeps us in a constant state of unhappiness because it puts more focus on our circumstances. But even the improved circumstances do not lead to happiness and waiting for something to happen make us unhappy in the present state.

2. Acquiring things:

Often happiness is linked with more money but it has been scientifically proved wrong. When people living in poverty experience a significant rise in their income spend a lot assuming it would make them happy, it does not help. It happens because material things do not make them happy. It happens because when we get them, we realize we got them at the expense of the real things that could have made us happy.

3. Not socializing:

A huge mistake we make that makes us unhappy is that we stay home and avoid people. It makes us pull the covers and refuse to socialize. It feels like an easy trick to hide ourselves and relax but in reality, it makes us depressed. When we go out and mingle with other people, it boosts our mood and makes us happy.

4. Being the victim:

When we consider ourselves the victim, we feel everything falling apart and out of our control. We see ourselves as helpless and make no effort to do anything to bring a change. We may not have any control over things that happen but we do have the control to make things better for our future. We only need courage to take the action and transform our lives.

5. Being grouchy:

Things go bad at most of the times in life but the situation becomes worse when we start complaining. Complaining is reaffirming our negative thoughts and fosters our feeling of unhappiness. It is important not to feel like a victim and complain about things. Bad things happen to everyone, only we need to understand how to get out of trouble.

6. Not making an effort to improve:

Unhappiness takes hold of our mind when we make no effort to change our attitude. We wait back for a miracle to happen and change our life. But in reality, we have to make the changes our self to transform our lives. We need to make efforts and take actions by learning new things, setting new goals, and improving upon with the passage of time.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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