6 Habits of chronically unhappy people

Happiness is something that comes from within but for some people, it is even hard to define. These are the people who get caught up in a cycle of unhappiness and it takes hold of them tightly. It is kind of lethal that gets everyone around you and makes people unhappy. Studies have proved that circumstances have not much to do with unhappiness and make other people go away from you. Some of the habits that get adopted usually keep you unhappy as compared to others. So in order to make certain that you don’t get caught up in these habits, following is the list of habits to look out for.

Waiting for the future:

This is one of the easiest habits to fall for i.e. telling yourself that you will be happy at a certain time. This makes you put a lot of emphasis on the circumstances instead of improving them to get to happiness. Focus on being happy at the time you are living because there is not guarantee for the future.

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Staying home:

When you avoid socializing, you become unhappy. You stay home, pull the covers over our head, refuse to talk to anyone, and constantly stay unhappy. The unhappiness inside you cuts you off from the outside world and never helps to feel any better. You will notice a big difference if you go out and meet other people. It will be an instant mood booster for you.

Considering yourself a victim:

When people are sad, they feel they have no control over their life. This philosophy fosters feelings of frustration and helplessness and discourages you from making things any better. Recognize that you are not the only person who is in a bad situation. Do not consider yourself as a victim and take control of your future by taking proper action.

Stop being jealous:

If you are always comparing yourself with other people and getting jealous of their success, you will never be able to stay happy. Open your mind for accepting achievements by other people and enjoy their success. This will make you happy and will help you achieving your own goals.


Complaining reaffirm the negative beliefs and reinforces a troubling behavior. When you constantly complain about something that bothers you, you fuel your mind with unhappiness. So stop complaining and accept the things as they are. Try to improve them instead of wasting your time.

Being a pessimist:

A pessimist attitude brings unhappiness all over as you expect bad things to happen to you. These are the kinds of thoughts that are hard to take off but when you realize, these are completely illogical. Force yourself to see things from a different perspective and you will surely find that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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