6 effective ways of setting yourself up before 30s for a lifelong success

Up till 20, most of the people spend their time getting unhealthy habits out of their system such as sleeping late or spending all the cash on new kicks. But as you reach 30, personal and professional success depends on the habits that have been cemented up till the age. This is an ideal time to lay the foundation for your success you may need to make some critical life transitions.

Following are the few tweaks that you can make in your 30s in order to achieve lifelong success:

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Having a routine:

When you reach the age of 30, you have to set your body clock to a routine and get used to sleeping at fixed timings. Oversleeping on weekends is not a good way to make up for the lost sleep. Therefore, stick to a regular bed-time routine in order to avoid a lifetime of sleep issues.

Regular exercise:

When you reach at the age of 30, you start losing your muscle mass. Therefore, it is very important to get into a routine of exercising regularly at this time. You must chose the physical activities you really like and keep your body moving as much as you ca.

Journal your life:

Your life is a journey and when if you read parts of it in future, you will definitely enjoy. For this purpose, start writing a journal and keep putting your feeling and thoughts on paper. It will become a real guide to help you deal with stressful events in future.

Become a saver:

When you are young, saving might have not tempted you much. But once you develop a habit of saving money, you continue it all your life. You need to start saving more and avoid spending on less needed items. Saving will go a long way to keep you financially independent.

Stop criticizing people:

Once you feel you are being scrutinized for your actions by others, you will not feel comfortable. When you judge other people, they feel the same and they feel uncomfortable too. Therefore, stop judging people and avoid criticizing them for their actions.

Define your happiness and success:

You need to find value in your life by defining success and happiness. You need to be clear on the priorities that you have in life, set goals, and start working towards achieving them.

Via: Business Insider

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