Stop doing these 5 things in 2018 that you did in 2017

Up till now, most of you have forgotten the self-created New Year resolutions. Planning to get rid of old habits and starting a year with the new ones may seem like a joke. But in order to make 2018 a good year to live, you really need to ditch some of the negative habits that made your life stressful previously.

Following are the things that you actually need to focus on if you really plan to live a happy and healthy life.

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Importance to self-care:

When it comes to self-care most people take it as something that could be attained with the help of a therapist. The self-care begins with activities and habits relating to your own self. Indulging in self-care activities is really important. It can be done without the need of a therapist in the form cooking healthy meal, working out, and going out. This commitment to yourself will help you live a physically and emotionally fit life.

Avoiding an online life:

Last year, you may have spent most of the time online on your favorite social media platforms. It has kept you away from your real life for a very long time. Plan to live a real life this year by connecting to your friends and family through face-to-face conversations instead of jumping on to devices.

Sitting for long hours:

You may have not given it much of a thought, but the online connection made to sit on your seats for hours. this year, it is time to keep your body active as much as you need to get in the habit of moving more by incorporating walks, playing outdoor games, and working out in your life.

Stop complaining:

Even with all the advancements in the technology, there is no denying that it is a polarized world you are living in. there are so many problems around the world and only a few people try to fix them as most of them find it better to just keep complaining. But for improving the society as a whole, make an effort by volunteering or donating for causes that you think can work in a much better way.

Not prioritizing yourself:

You spend most of the time doing things for others and keeping your own need in the last. But for living a better life, you must start prioritizing your own requirements. Give time to yourself and learn something new that can bring an improvement in your life.

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