6 Communication secrets of great leaders


Becoming a great leader requires you to be a great communicator. The university may be able to teach you how to speak but it lacks the ability to teach you how to communicate strongly. From the beginning of your educational years, you are taught to focus on vocabulary, delivery, grammar, syntax etc. but you are never told how to focus on yourself. These things are no doubt important to learn but elements for strong communication are rarely taught in a classroom.

Strong communication is something that separates the world’s greatest leaders from others. They talk about their ideas in a way that also communicates their emotions and aspirations as well.

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Following are the principles that they strictly follow while interacting with others.

Get personal:

People are not concerned about how much information you have until they get the feeling how much you care. Leaders do not stay at arm’s length; they develop a meaningful relationship with people. Without doing so they remain unable make the conversation more engaging and effective.

Get specific:

Great communicators know the importance of interacting with clarity. They stay simple and concise which keeps them away from ambiguity and confusions in communication.

Approach each conversation with a humble heart:

For good communicators, it is not always important to gather information every time they talk to others. They are adept in transferring ideas, inspiring actions, spreading their version, and aligning the expectations.

Empathy takes the place of ego:

It is very important for great communicators to become successful leaders by displaying a level of authenticity and transparency. They replace their ego with empathy because they know that by just understanding the communication principle they can easily turn anger and doubt into respect and trust.

They speak to groups as individuals:

It is very rare for leaders to speak to individuals in a familiar setting. Great communicators speak to a group of people in a way that makes every individual feel as if they are speaking directly to them.

They have a total knowledge of what they talk about:

Great communicators discuss the subjects when they have a total command over it. They talk about all the aspects of the message they are conveying to others.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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