Stressed? Here is how to overcome it

In difficult times most people in the world today suffer stress-related diseases. Stress has become the latest menace faced by human kind irrespective of age. Difficult times come in many forms such as pressures at school, peer pressure, financial stress, insecurities and the like.

At times it can be too personal such as the demise of a close relative or detection of serious illness. The stress and anxiety of often times enter the lives in a stealthy manner and builds up only to reveal its devastating effects on the human lives.

It is wise to learn about the symptoms of depression to detect it at early stages. Reading stress-related books and articles could educate you and keep you informed about the tactics to tackle it effectively at times of need.

Usually people ignorant of stress-related ailments would end up visiting a consultant only at late stages which might require intensive treatments. The first phase in effective stress management is to learn about the causes of stress and its effects.

Some common symptoms of depression include excessive sweating, dizziness, chest pain, and more often tendency to quit. Often people misunderstand these symptoms of depression as superficial ailments that could be cured with well-known pain killers or other medical aids.

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However, stress-related diseases are more concerned with the psychological side of the person. Although you can get a temporary relief with drugs, permanent cure can only be obtained if you train yourself with effective stress management techniques.

In fact, panic attacks due to excessive stress could aggravate any condition that already prevails. For example panic attacks can intensify asthma and add to the sufferings or even diminish the chances of conceiving in married women under stress.

Stress often results in harmful physical and chemical reactions in the body making the victim suffer from pain. It also can reduce the effect of drugs consumed for different other health disorders.

While mind relaxation techniques can help you in stress reduction, stress relief games have come as new entertaining means to get rid of the harmful effects of undue stress. Psychologists have discovered that games of a certain sort could soothe your mind and relive you of stress.

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Thus was born the phrase stress relief games. These have be specially designed for people who are under constant stress to lead a healthy life by means of venting it out. Some of the stress relief games such as solitaire, and puzzles boost up positive attitude and nullify the effects of depression.

Since stress management is concerned with more of mental attitude, meditation other mind relaxing techniques could come a long way in coping up with stress in difficult times. True friends and well wishers that spend time to listen to your blabbering are really a gift, and talking to them would certainly elevate your mood and strengthen your immune systems.

Certain generous human traits such as keeping the cool at any situation, ability to forgive people for trivialities, maintaining a positive attitude and making right choices when opportunity comes or seeking solace through prayers are the best means to cope up with stress at difficult times.

In nutshell, you need to consider the following to release stress

Workout (exercise, moderate walk would do it for 10 minutes a day)

  • Hang out with friends
  • Spend time with like minded people (work related)
  • Play sports
  • Take a break, go for an outing
  • Keep pets
  • Develop a hobby
  • Mediate
  • Dont sit for more then 20 minutes (if you are on a desk job, take 5 minutes break)
  • Long Drive
  • Watch a movie
  • Talk to your mother (research says even talking to your mother on the phone for few minutes releases the stress)