5 ways to turn job rejection into a good thing

The rejection letter from your dream job hits like a ton of bricks has fallen on you. No matter at what stage you are in the job search, rejection rears ugly head in your direction. It makes you feel you are down in the dump and vulnerable, disappointment turns into an ugly spiral of pity-party. As an anxious job seeker, you feel embarrassed and lose confidence in your abilities.

It may sound gloomy in that moment but you can extract positivity even from this rejection and turn it into something good.

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Give yourself time to be upset:

For getting over rejection, you need to take healthy steps. Give yourself time to process your emotions and tell yourself that it is perfectly normal to be upset about a bruised ego. The only thing to remember is never to turn this setback into a permanent failure.

Ask for a feedback:

For not losing another chance of your job search, always ask the employers for the feedback and why they did not selected you. It will give you the idea what skills you are lacking to become a perfect applicant for the job.

Rejection a form of redirection:

Getting rejected from a job does not mean the end of life. It indicates that you need to redirect your plans for achieving your career goals.

Give yourself a credit:

It may come as a surprise but applying for the job at the first place was very brave of you. So, give yourself some credit because you were not afraid to apply at least. You are still ahead of those people who were unable to over their fear of applying for a job.

Send a follow-up email:

Express gratitude even after getting rejected from a job. Send a follow-up email to the hiring manager, in this way you will stay on their radar for any other job openings at the company.

Rejections no doubt place you in a vulnerable position but job search is not a promise that you will receive a return for your efforts. Persistence is something that you can actually win even after being rejected.

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