5 Ways to improve your self-esteem

There are no accidents in the universe but you may unknowingly perceive them as such. You, no matter who you are, play a very important role in the orchestration of the universe. Therefore, be sure that all that transpires in your life is for your highest good. The inaccurate beliefs that you come up during your life experiences shatter your self-esteem. You assign them some kind of meaning over time and replay them in your mind over and over again.

You believe them as your comfortable friend and as a result, you adopt them as an important aspect of your own character. For example, you believe that you are not worthy of being successful, receiving love, loving others, loving your own self etc. if this mental state is left unchecked, it brings rippling effects on your life by creating a lower self-esteem.

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For surviving the struggles of life, you need to have a high self-esteem because every human is born with capacities that are needed to live fruitfully. So, in order to increase your self-esteem, following are the ways you can adopt:

Do good for someone else:

It is pretty difficult to think about others when your self-esteem is low. It becomes hard for you to experience the pain of others but when you actively seek out doing something good for the other people; it shifts your focus from your own self. You forcefully stop your negative thoughts and become attentive toward doing well for the people who need your help. By doing good, you also begin to think good about yourself.

Your outward appearance:

Your appearance shows how you feel about yourself. When your self-esteem is low, you often forget to take care of yourself which makes you forget how important you are. Therefore, take time out to decide what image suits you best. Work on your hairstyle and select the clothes that look good on you. Once your appearance is good, your self-esteem will rise naturally.

Do something different:

Your self-esteem lowers when you stick to a strict routine and become unaware of your own potential. But by simply changing your regular routine, you can make yourself a lot happier. Do something you don’t do normally, go out on a vacation, get connected with people whom you haven’t in years and do anything that excites you. Sometimes the smallest changes in your life can help you to get a higher self-esteem and feel good about yourself.

Make a list of your accomplishments:

You may not remember, but you must have accomplished some great things in your life. To increase your self-esteem it is important that you remember everything. Make a list of the things that you achieved in your life and write them down on a paper. Then go through all the great things and it will help you realize that you are capable of a lot of things and can do even more.

Share your knowledge:

There will be a lot of things that you must be really good because every human has a hold on something. Identify what things you can do better and then share your knowledge with other people. If you are a good writer or are good at math, teach people about the basics of those subjects. Teach them how you dealt with challenges and it will help you realize how amazing person you are. It will help you stay optimistic and maintain a higher self-esteem.

There is only one thing that can make you feel better about yourself and that is the constant improvement. Spend money and time on self-improvement and it will be the greatest gift you will give to yourself.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)