Sugar and Cancer: Science explains deep connection

Most of the people are partial to the occasional sweet treat but we all know that a large amount of sugar is not good for health. In fact, there are plenty of studies that show links between sugar and diabetes, heart health, mental health, and recently cancer has also entered the mix.

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications, It has been revealed that even the smallest amounts of sugar molecules can be connected to cancer growth in our bodies.

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Although being the carbohydrate molecule, sugar is associated with sweet treats but it is also found in some of the natural fruits. So, with a wide variety of foods containing naturally occurring sugar, we need to eliminate a lot of dietary sugar to stay healthy. Following are the ways sugar is associated with cancer in human bodies:

It is an acidic molecule:

Acidity is a greater cause of many diseases in the human body; therefore, sugar being an acidic molecule is connected to cancer growth. On consuming more sugar your body can become more acidic which will help the cancer cells to grow and spread.

Feeding the cancerous growth:

When it comes to staying healthy you think of a healthy diet which is packed with nutrition. You also like to include foods that help you keep going for the whole day. But what if the food you are taking is accidentally feeing the cancer cells and helping them to multiply? Researches have explained that a balance of carbohydrates from sugars both natural and added also need to be checked.

Stimulating cancer growth:

With sugar, it becomes easier for cancer cells to reproduce and multiply faster as compared to when you are not taking sugar. The studies have shown that from sugar hyperactivity is caused by the production and spreading of cancer cells. Sugar helps the cancer cells to proliferate the entire human body.

It transforms the cellular functions:

Two different cellular mechanisms were found by the Canadian researchers that are affected by sugar consumption. The first connection revealed that sugar and cancer growth enhances cellular growth under anaerobic or hypoxic conditions. Secondly, the connection between sugar and cancer enhances the ability of cervical cancer cells to multiple due to changes in cell signaling.

It leads to other health problems:

Obesity is one of the major issues that is getting a hold in different parts of the world a higher consumption of sugar relates to a higher body and mass index among men and women which leads to a higher risk for colon cancer.

According to experts, whole unprocessed food and vegan food are a preferable diet for a positive thinking person. Do not choose processed food because it does not have any nutrition in it. Instead, always prefer the less-processed food because it has more nutritional value. You must include more whole grain to your diet when it comes to protecting your health. You simply need to reduce the number of carbohydrates in your body by avoiding white bread, baked items, candies, sweetened beverages or anything that is processed.

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