Here is how you can be happy by living in the moment

Everyone wants to be happy but it depends on the preconceived notions and beliefs about what needs to happen in life that will make us happy. We set goals as a means to achieve happiness. But once these goals are achieved, we replace them with new goals.

This is the reason we remain unhappy even when our big goals are achieved. It happens because we replaced the goals even before we could be truly happy.

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What if we do not need any of these things in order to be happy in our lives and that we can be happy today?

The key to this is to learn how to be happy while we work towards achieving our goals instead of waiting until they are finally achieved.

Following are the ways that can help us live a happier life:

1. The effects of breathing slowly:

This is the first step to start with. Slow breathing can override the logical mind and has similar effects as meditation. Slow breathing helps to relieve anxiety and prevent people from having panic attacks.

Once you master the technique of slow breathing, then you can easily relax wherever you are.

2. Change the place:

Bad moments can come at any place but all it requires is a change of the scene to shift your attention. If you can indulge in physical activity it will bring surprising effects. Going out in nature for some time is also proven to significantly improve mood and overall well-being.

Changing the location or performing some errands when you are having a bad moment can help to disrupt negative thoughts.

3. Talk or write without using the screen:

Studies have shown that talking to someone in times of trouble can have positive effects on your mental state. But that interaction must be face to face and digital tools must not be used. Similarly, writing your thoughts on a piece of paper is also proven to reduce the extreme effects of the trauma you are in. Recent studies have shown that just writing your to-do list for the next day can be a lot of help for you to get a good night’s sleep.

4. Divert attention to someone other than yourself:

When you divert your attention towards someone else, it can help you a lot to improve your lousy mood. Ask them how they are and offer anything you can do to help them. Switching your focus from yourself will have a huge impact on your mood.

My experience says, volunteering is the best work to be happy all the time but if it isn’t possible then ask a friend who needs help or needs mentoring.

5. Be nice to yourself:

A bad moment often makes people think of punishing themselves. But it is the time you need to forgive yourself for what happened and stop feeling sorry for your own self. Do something good for yourself thinking about what your loved ones would have done to make you feel happy. Go out for lunch in your favorite restaurant or go out on a trip where you can feel relaxed.

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