Ten minute change in your daily routine to stay happy

You do not realize that there are many smaller things in life that can make you happy. It can be as small as capturing a beautiful photo or going out with a friend you haven’t met for long. These are the kind of happiness boosters that usually are not paid attention to.

These are the things that take so much less of your time and make you happy even though you do not achieve bigger goals.

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These ten-minute changes can bring a change in your life. They can make you happier, healthier, and more productive.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings:

Journaling is a process of getting your fears and doubts off your head so that you can stop fixating on them. You can write down all your thoughts taking out five minutes from your morning routine and this will make you feel much relieved for the rest of the day.

Chat during your commute:

Research has proved that people who chat during their commute to work are much happier as compared to people who do not engage in conversation with others. They are expected to be more positive and productive as they talk to strangers and learn a lot just on their way.

Capture one beautiful moment:

It is not necessary to go on a trip to take beautiful photos. You can search for beauty even when you go out for your work every morning. It is a form of meditation that prevents you from thinking distressing thoughts. Therefore, focus on the world around you and you will find so many things to capture.

Plan something good for tomorrow:

In order to maximize happiness, plan events and activities that can give you joy in your daily life. For some people, it could be setting up a time for cooking or gardening, and for some, it will be connecting with their good friends.

Set one setting priority for every weekday evening:

Getting back from the office and wasting time by lying in front of the TV, it is better to set one simple priority for your evening routine. This can be as simple as going for a walk, calling a friend, reading a book, or attending a gym class. This will keep you happier as compared to wasting time doing nothing.

Three good things exercise:

Developed by psychologist Martin Seligman, Three Good Things is an exercise that makes you write down three things that went well in a day every night before going to bed. Along with writing down the good things, you will also have to give an explanation of why they went well. These can be either small or big but should include all the details that made things happen. People, who take this exercise every day, feel happier and less depressed as compared to people who do not.


Finding happiness in the small moments of life can significantly enhance our overall well-being. By incorporating simple practices into our daily routines, such as journaling, engaging in conversations during our commute, capturing moments of beauty, planning enjoyable activities, setting priorities for our evenings, and practicing gratitude through exercises like Three Good Things, we can cultivate a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.

These ten-minute changes may seem minor, but their cumulative impact on our lives is profound. They not only uplift our spirits but also contribute to our mental and emotional health, leading to increased productivity and overall life satisfaction. Embracing these practices allows us to appreciate the richness of everyday experiences and find joy in the moments that often go unnoticed. Ultimately, prioritizing our happiness in small ways can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.



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