How to be a good employee at work? 5 ways to Become a more likable employee

If you are new in an office you must be looking forward to making new friends. Or you may have worked for a company for several years but have failed to fit in because you have never become a likable employee. If this is the case, then it might be time to focus on changing your image and becoming a good employee who is more likable.

Even though every person is entitled to his/her own personality but there are basic steps that can be taken to improve the relationship with other people. Following are a few ways that can help you make a better impression on the people around you and develop a stronger reputation for networking, socialization, and career development.

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1- Spend time to know your colleagues:

You need to spend some time knowing your colleague or finding out about their background. This will be a fun thing to know where they grew up and where they studied. It will make them share their fun activities with you.

2- Know what others think:

You need to master the ability to listen to others. This will help you know what others think and what information they can provide. You will get to know their opinions on various projects.

3- Acknowledge your coworkers:

The best way to become likable among office colleagues is to greet the employees you meet with a great smile. This is something that can genuinely connect people at work in a way that makes them feel good about you.

4- Become helpful:

Always ask your coworkers what you can do to help them. You can take out few minutes from your work to help out others which will make you likable to a greater number of colleagues.

5- Give compliments:

Start observing the efforts of your colleagues and compliment them for their good work. Let them know that you appreciate them and this will make you more likable in their eyes.

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