5 Success tips from award-winning entrepreneurs

For being successful, there is a lot that you can learn from the people who have already achieved their goals. Not everyone may find but having a mentor is a blessing for a person in any field. It is because people who have already achieved their goals in a field, they are aware of the challenges that are to be faced by the beginners. Business owners have so many success tips that can help you to grow and win over all the obstacles that might come your way.

Following are the words of wisdom from some of the successful entrepreneurs:

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Your networking skills:

The founder and inventor of Good Nite Lite Nelson created products to solve his son’s difficulty in falling asleep. He says that you need to find people from whom you can learn as you may not need them today but you will definitely need them in future.

Don’t be swayed by pessimists:

Rhodes, the founder of Glassybaby, says that she was pushed by bankers and experts when she tried to start manufacturing her own glass-blown candle holders in China. She said that she listened to people who tried to hold her back by saying the experiment will be a complete fail. Now the company donates a percentage of revenue to programs for helping cancer patients. So never get swayed away by people who discourage you from doing something new.

Take risks:

According to Nelson, never be afraid of taking risk and keep on trying till you achieve your goals.

Hire your weaknesses:

Rhodes says that being an entrepreneur you are supposed to visualize the big picture and not give much importance to the small details. But she advises that these small details come to haunt you later on therefore if you are not good at something, hire someone who know how to handle that section as your proceed.

Share your idea:

According to Nelson, always share your ideas with people whom you think can understand. There might be somebody who may help you to come up with a better idea to start working on.

Via: Entrepreneur

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