5 signs you are smarter than average

Smarter people tend to have certain attributes that are not found in average people. But if you see the world differently than others, it means you possess qualities of smart individuals. there are some traits that cannot be learned in schools because these are the qualities you are born with. These are the habits that become a permanent part of your personality.

Following are the signs that indicate you are smarter than average people.

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You lack common sense:

Studies have proved that people who lack common sense are more intelligent than others. It is because their intelligence overrides their common sense. This makes them to think in situations where they are supposed to feel. Their feeling usually leads to correct solutions because they allow their emotions to guide them.

You are left-handed:

People who are left-handed are often regarded as the intelligent individuals. Being left-handed they have more quicker and accurate spatial skills. They are blessed with an amplified memory as well as enhanced mental flexibility.

You are curious:

People who are smart are more inquisitive and have a curiosity that helps them to understand a subject much better than others. Their Curiosity Quotient (CQ) indicates how these individuals are motivated to learn about something.

You stay awake till late at night:

Studies have shown that people who go to bed late have a higher IQ than others. They live more comfortable lives and are considered to do well in their occupations.

You were the first-born:

The first-born child in a family is considered more intelligent than the other siblings. It is because being the first child; they get all the attention of their parents. When the second child is born, the first-born is responsible of taking care of them as well tutoring them which boost their confidence and intelligence.

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