5 signs you are more successful than you think

Constant comparison of people with others is not useful because it always makes you feel unsuccessful. The problem related to comparison is that no matter how successful you feel, you cannot be the next Warren Buffet or Taylor Swift. There is always someone better, smarter, and happier then you.

Following are the questions that can actually yourself for knowing that you are successful or not, so just focus on yourself and you will become happier than before.

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Close friends:

Having powerful relationships in life is as important as exercising for your health. It is extremely rare to find close friends but if you have more than two or three, you can be glad about your social connection.

Do I earn enough money to make positive choices:

In some cases, people have to decide between necessities and they live from paycheck to paycheck. If you earn enough money and can make positive choices, it means that you can leverage extra money to become more successful.

A real sense of purpose:

If you have been able to find a purpose in life, then you are no way less than any successful person. It is because successful people live with a purpose in life which makes then excited, fearless, and passionate.

Other people in the spotlight:

If you have achieved a lot with your own effort but you are not looking for praise that means you are successful. What matters the most is that you feel proud inside and it makes you happier when you see other people achieving success. Glory is not important; whatever you have achieved is enough to provide you satisfaction.

Failure as just training:

Failing is natural and it is the best way to grow and learn. There is never an end to trials, challenges, and obstacles but you need to learn to embrace a failure, own it, and learn from it. If you do that, then you are already successful.

Via: Business Insider

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