5 reasons for choosing to wear the same thing every day

We recently covered Why Mark Zuckerberg Wears Same Shirt Everyday. It seems that the capsule wardrobe movement is continuing to gain momentum. It may be far from the mainstream but is elevated in the social consciousness by some high profile tech personalities. People are now applying a minimalist approach to their fashion.

Most of the people consider this movement a bit skeptical because why anybody will intentionally choose to wear the same outfit every day. If you are considering why successful people are adopting a streamlined wardrobe, then following are the reasons to know:

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1. Reduced time for making decision:

Decision making takes most of our energy and time. For successful people, decision making is kept for only those issues that are most important to them. They save their strength for their most important tasks and prefer a uniform outfit for daily activities.

2. Finding your look:

There are some looks in which you seem better than the rest. Sticking with basics that look good for all situations is the key to finding the best. Once you find that look, may you wear it every day you will much confident and comfortable in it.

3. Smaller closet:

When you have a new outfit every day, it creates a mess in your closet and makes it difficult to find things that you really need. When you decide upon wearing a uniform outfit every day than it makes your closet smaller and neater where you can easily find what you need.

4. Preference for quality goods:

When you value quality over quantity, you lay off a lot of burden on your shoulders. Same comes with the adoption of one outfit mentality. You buy quality clothes and from brands who encourage you to recycle the old ones before buying the new ones.

5. Less to clean:

The one style outfit allows you to save more time by doing less laundry. It is because on wearing similar outfit you have less to clean up and focus on what is most important in your life. Instead of spending time on washing, drying, and folding you can read, play, or listen to informative podcasts.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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