5 jobs best suited for people with minimum social interactivity

It can be challenging to find a job that you enjoy and feel comfortable doing. Often, the choice of job is dictated to how well you are paid. But most of the time the jobs that you do does not suit you perfectly. This can be extremely difficult if you are a social anxiety sufferer. It makes you end up sacrificing the things you want most in a job to minimize the social interaction.

But it does not mean you cannot find great jobs. There are jobs that suit both to the creative and analytical people. Following are the few to keep in mind when you are looking for a job:

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People who are creative mostly have jobs that require a lot of social interaction. But if you are a social anxiety sufferer it can be hard to feel comfortable in that kind of work. So, here are the few jobs that suit best for a creative person:

Being an artist:

It is not easy to be an artist but it is the most therapeutic job for a person suffering from social anxiety. When you become an artist, it becomes easier for you to connect with your feelings and understand what you are going through. By presenting your art in front of other people you can also challenge yourself to express your feelings openly.

Becoming a writer:

Writing is difficult only for those people who are keen on publishing more and more books. But freelancing can be a great way to let go of your social anxiety. This field allows you to work in your comfort zone and yet create content that can be shared online.

Becoming a creator:

Working physically is often times the best way to let go of anxiety. By working for landscaping companies, you can create beautiful sceneries or you can create sculptures. The internet can help you a lot in this regard as freelancers find it best to advertise their pieces without directly interacting with people.

Programming and testing:

This is a perfect job for those who have an analytical mind i.e. becoming a programmer. Although, it does require you to communicate with your employer to some extent but it needs more of your analytical skills to be in the limelight. If you chose to become a freelance programmer or tester, you can also work from the comfort of your own home.


If you have a good amount of financial knowledge and also excel in math, accountancy is a great job in case of social anxiety. It involves minimal interaction with people except only when you are required to advise them for what to do. By being related to accounting and bookkeeping, you can focus completely on your work and think of ways to improve it.

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