5 Business leaders who practice meditation

One of the greatest ways to achieve success is to seek out others who have achieved what you desire. It can be learned from the leaders who have already blazed a trail and have found the essence of what makes them great. You need to model yourself on their behavior and personality if you want to be successful. You can apply the same strategies to achieve success in your business life and benefit from their routines to improve your own position. Leaders of all times have benefited a lot by practicing meditation in their lives. Successful leaders practice meditation on a daily basis which brings so many benefits to their wellness and productivity. It helps them to improve their memory, reduce stress, and better focus. Leaders who practice meditation show less emotional reactivity as they have proper control over their emotions and have more powers to self-observation and introspection.

Following are the leaders in the business world who know how meditation has helped them to achieve success.

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Jeff Weiner:

An American businessman Jeff Weiner who is the chief executive officer of LinkedIn has incorporated meditation as part of his business philosophy for success. Since 2009, he has been the CEO of his company and has raised the social app’s membership from 33 million to more than 430 million. He uses an app named as Headspace to meditate regularly and stresses his employees to do the same.

Ray Dalio:

He is the founder of Bridgewater Associates and encourages his 735 employees to practice meditation on regular basis. According to him meditation is the biggest gift to anyone as it helps them to develop creativity, equanimity, and peace.

Bill Ford:

Bill Ford who is the chairman of Ford Motor Company takes out time for meditation regularly. He admitted in a Harvard Business Review piece that the practice of mindfulness kept him going during the dark days of his close call with bankruptcy nearly a decade ago. It helped him to improve his productivity and he was able to make decisions with kindness and compassion.

Russell Simmons:

Mostly known as the cofounder of Def Jam Recordings, Russell Simmons, in his piece of advice for entrepreneurs encouraged them to build the habit of meditation. That advice is a detailed perspective on the benefits that one can attain from meditation.

Marc Benioff:

The habit of meditation has become a part of a life of the founder of the SalesForce and he recommends all of the aspiring entrepreneurs for it. While working with Steve Jobs he learned to be mindful and project the future.

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