4 Reasons why reading should be a priority

In today’s world, there is an endless scroll of nothing to look at. It has made the activity of reading an afterthought. Because people are more interested in buying online, bookstores are closing up. We are living in an environment where social media is sucking up people’s spare time. This spare time was previously used to sit down and read a book. Now it seems easier to scroll for hours and look at what amounts to just being the highlights of people’s lives.

But reading has been the secret to success in case you are not aware. Reading has a lot of benefits and following are the few to open your mind:

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It makes you open-minded and creative:

According to conducted research, participants in an experiment who read short-story fiction books experienced less need for cognitive closure as compared to people who read notification essays. The reading of notification essays allows readers to learn the subject matter but it may not help them in thinking about it. People who read books become more open-minded and their creative side tends to improve.

It helps to live longer:

The practice of reading books helps to create cognitive engagement that improves vocabulary, thinking skills, as well as concentration. It also makes people more empathetic, improves their social perception, and increases their emotional intelligence. The improvement in all these things helps people to live a longer life.

Successful people are actually the readers:

All the people who have become successful have been keen on self-improvement. They have read books that helped them to achieve what they actually wanted. Successful people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others keep on sharing the books that have helped them throughout their journeys.

Reading 50 books a year:

Reading is one of the strategies that make people successful. Instead of scrolling through social media apps, they make it a habit to read books. In a year, successful people accomplish the goal of reading 50 books. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Cuban Read 50 Books a Year, this is why they are extremely successful.

They report more peace, satisfaction, and learning while acquiring more knowledge through books.

Via: INC

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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