40M people connected with Internet.org by Facebook

Recently Mark Zuckerberg has publicized through Facebook’s blockbuster Q3 earning call, that Internet.org has been successful in getting 40 million people online. Because of the company’s accessibility initiatives, 0.5% of the global population is now linked with the web. The company also stated that Internet.org has added to the user growth on monthly basis. Since last quarter, the growth rate increased from 3.63% to 4.67% and reached 1.79 billion.

There has been 166% growth in internet users annually; the 40 million user figure has increased from 3 million of July 2014. A year ago, it was 15 million and in May it reached to 25 million. This growth has increased year over year despite the internet.org’s free basic app was banned in India. India is considered the biggest potential market for the Facebook and can contribute to growth on extreme levels. Also in Africa, the SpaceX’s Rocket blasted on the landing pad of and exploited the internet.org’s initial satellite. This satellite was meant for providing connectivity to the African users.

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Progressing through internet.org, Facebook will soon be able to complete its mission for connecting the whole world through internet. The connectivity driven by Facebook is through the carrier-subsidized free Basics app and the Express WiFi centers. The company wants to make rural areas a part of the game with the provision of its Aquila solar-powered drones, satellites, and other innovative technology devices. Facebook is focusing specially on those users who are unable to afford the available data plans and also those who live in areas where there is no internet access.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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