Tablets are given to eight Public schools in Punjab, Pakistan

Government of Punjab has introduced e learning in schools. The program will be rolled out in stages, in the first stage tablets are given to eight Public schools.

Tablets are far more engaging, students from class 6th to Matric in these schools are learning science, maths, biology, chemistry and physics with the tablets.

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All the lectures are in English as well as in Urdu for better understanding, also e-learning libraries are available and can be accessed through the tablets as well. The results are already begin to show, teachers are optimistic and say that the step has made learning more easy as tablets are interactive.

According to The Punjab School Minister, Rana Mashhood

In the future, 4000 schools will have ups, solar systems for effective and interactive e-learning

We believe, the tablets should also be introduced at all levels in the academia so students can get upto the pace with the rest of the world in studies.

Via: GeoNews



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