4 Step Formula to Pursue Your Dreams

Very few people know what they want out of their life. There are very few who ever write down their hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Also, there are very few who ever share their ambitions with anyone and create accountability for their goals. But there are also those who know their purpose very clearly. They are much more interested in living their own version of life in which they make a dream list. This list helps them to get back on track whenever they feel lost.

There are four important steps that can be followed to stop feeling lost and to accomplish your life goals.

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Write it down:

The best way to remind yourself of your dreams is to write it down. On an excel spreadsheet, create categories such as 6 months, 5 years, and lifetime ate the top of your sheet. Also, along the left side of your sheet create categories for life including spiritual, professional, financial etc. or any events you can think of. Now, for all the buckets you have created, fill in at least one goal between time and category. More than one dream per section can be written and keep on writing till you cannot think of any more.

Notice your themes:

There can be times where you are lost in your current career or feel frustrated for being low on cash. It is difficult to dream big at this moment so start small. You may not be able to think your future but you can frame where you want to see yourself in one month. Pull back from your list once in a while to see if you can find themes. You can even build them even right from the beginning. When you will remove yourself from every day’s boredom, then you will be able to have new ideas moving you towards a more fulfilling future.

Keep sharing:

There should be one person in your life that you can trust with your dreams. Once your list is complete, share it with that one identified person and ask for their help to hold you accountable for accomplishing your goals. In this way people who care about you will invest themselves in your lives and this will make you more likely to reach your goals.

Keep a regular check:

Making a dream list and putting it on the side is not going to do any good. The final step is to check in regularly. When you accomplish a goal, mark it off, and replace it with a new one. The goals that you have been unable to achieve in their original parameters move them to a new timeframe and work towards achieving them.

Via: Entrepreneur

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