4 small things to do to get over job rejection

You may have sent out a resume for your favorite job and have been waiting for it like crazy. But at some point, you realize you are not getting any good news. Submitting a resume and a cover letter that results in getting a new job swiftly is very rare as people submit numerous resumes for different jobs before getting hired. The process of getting hired is more tedious as it is fraught with rejection on every step.

Dealing with rejection isn’t easy but it surely doesn’t have to tank your morale. Feeling angry or frustrated is natural when you meet rejection but getting over these feelings isn’t easy. However, there are some things that can help to minimize the effects of rejection and to move forward constructively.

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Gain self-insight through failure:

Getting failed in your attempt for acquiring a job should not be discouraging for your future attempts. It requires you to take a look backward and see what actually didn’t work. Carefully study how you performed and what kind of reaction your received. Then make up for your mistakes for the next time.

Rejection isn’t always centered around you:

You are never aware of the background of your competition. No matter how much qualified you are, there might be a person to beat you out. Your rejection is not about saying no to your abilities, it is totally a business decision not a personal one.

Keep your achievements in mind:

Facing rejection may make you feel unsuccessful at time. But you must not let that mentality take hold of you. Get an accurate sense of yourself by remembering the things you achieved and helped you grow.

Stay focused on future:

Your search for the job should be refined by your rejection from few jobs. You must build the skills that made you lose the opportunities at first place. View each rejection as a way to upgrade your game every time.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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