4 Morning rituals to make your day better

Morning rituals create small wins that create a positive momentum to propel you through the rest of the day. This is the morning routine that provides you with a sense of progress and accomplishment as well as sets you on an effortless path to the start of a successful day. You can build a framework of a productive day by thoughtfully designing your morning rituals.

If you already have a morning routine that you think works, you can customize it with any of the suggestions below:

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Become an early-riser:

Getting up early has so many advantages and helps you get done with your work first as compared to the rest of the people. Science has proved that early-riser procrastinate less as compared with the people who stay up late at night. You can gradually make a habit of getting up fifteen minutes early every day for the first week, then make it 30 minutes for the next week, and so on. Keep on doing it until you start getting up at your desired time.

Morning exercise:

According to a study at the Appalachian State University, morning exercise can be a great way to reduce stress and for lowering blood pressure. This is the reason that many of the most successful entrepreneurs such as Tim Cook and Richard Branson workout to start their day. Therefore, in order to make your entire day productive, incorporate some kind of activity that you like just in the beginning of your day.

Writing a journal:

Writing a journal helps you to process your thoughts and feelings that you cannot do in the hustle of the day. Once you write the feelings down on a piece of paper, you are better able to understand what is going on inside you. Identify the things that create stress and work on fixing them.

Schedule your to-do list:

Researchers have proved that scheduling your work list helps you to be clear on the tasks you want to get done with. It is because scheduling forces you to confront the reality of how much you have actually done and how much will it take to get things done completely. Therefore, schedule your to-do list and it will give you a better picture of your progress.

Manage anxiety through mindfulness:

It is natural to get caught up in the anxiety of daily tasks but you can break free from it by practicing mindfulness. Just set aside 5 to 15 minutes each morning to pay attention to the present moment. You must pay attention to the present moment without any judgment. Use this time to focus on your breathing and accept whatever feelings that you experience. This is the easiest way to think more clearly and to remove the negative thoughts from your brain. This will not only make you smarter but it will help you to improve your decision-making.

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